Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 - 2005 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Rule of Law Advisor, USAID, Sofia, Bulgaria

Fellow project
2004 - 2005:
Cultural heritage policies in Southeast Europe: A comparative legal analysis
The objectives of the project are to conduct a comparative analysis of the legislation of Southeast European states in the area of cultural heritage; interact with experts from the specialized agencies, the Ministries of Culture, and nongovernmental organizations (ICOMOS) in analyzing legislation; explore the extent to which the studied countries have implemented their obligations under the UNESCO and Council of Europe conventions in the area; create a systematized regional comparative information resource providing a methodological tool for analyzing the development of cultural heritage legislation in the project countries; formulate policy recommendations for future legal reform and regional cultural heritage policies; and write a research and policy paper that assists the Ministries of Culture and legislative drafting committees in the relevant states in their work on legislation and strategies for the protection and management of cultural heritage.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Cultural Policy

Relevant countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria