Bucharest/Budapest, Romania
2006 - 2007 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: PhD candidate at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
e-mail: popa@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/popa/

Fellow project
2006 - 2007:
Romani women's issues and priorities and the accountability of EU funding: Achieving the goals of the Decade for Roma Inclusion at the European level
The objectives of the project are to design a methodology for monitoring the accountability of EU funding to promoting the goals of social inclusion and gender equality, particularly for Romani women; carry out a pilot monitoring project in one of the priority areas of the Decade for Roma Inclusion; and write policy study and research paper for various OSI programs, European Commission's directorates general on enlargement, employment, social affairs and equal opportunities and regional policy: Hungarian, Romanian, and Slovak governments; national offices for Roma, and national women's organizations.

Working groups: Roma Exclusion

Relevant countries: Romania