Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 - 2002 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Head of Sofia University Philosophy Department; member of several Ministry of Education and Science policy teams in Bulgaria.

Fellow project
2001 - 2002:
Islamic minority children education in the Balkans: Overcoming the cultural gap
The objectives of the project are to identify the relative importance of key factors responsible for the alienation of Islamic minority children in Balkan schools; conduct a sociological survey with Islamic minority students and their teachers to identify the relative importance of factors such as religion, ethnicity, language, traditional vs. modern mentality, nationalistic antagonisms, etc. causing such alienation; and develop a policy paper in the field of minority education policy and Islam.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Southeast Europe: Conflict Prevention, Modernization, Globalization, and Islam, Children's Services Policy, Human Rights Policy

Relevant countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria