Yerevan, Armenia
2003 - 2006 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Head of Project Management and Implementation Unit at the International Center for Human Development, Yerevan, Armenia.

Fellow projects
2005 - 2006:
Tobacco smuggling in Armenia: A challenge to raising tobacco taxes?
The objectives of the project are to expand previous research results regarding economic aspects of tobacco control in Armenia by including the smuggling effect; provide further argumentation for policy makers to consider a tobacco tax raise while revising tax policy; provide policy recommendations to reduce smuggling volumes; assess the real effect of a tax raise on smoking prevalence given opportunities for higher smuggling rates; assess the impact of policy changes on poverty groups; and write research and policy study with policy recommendations for Armenian policy makers.

Working groups: Tobacco Economics Research and Advocacy, Public Health Policy 

Relevant countries: Armenia

2003 - 2004: Tobacco control measures in the context of extreme poverty
The objectives of the project are to estimate the effectiveness of tobacco control policy affecting poor segments of the population with particular focus on economic and administrative aspects of tobacco control; estimate the effectiveness of tobacco control policy for the poor population; identify the optimal strategy in tobacco control for smoking reduction amongst poor while preventing the target group from negative economic impacts (job loss etc.); highlight more acceptable tool for tobacco control applicable for the target group; identify market shares for cheaper cigarettes and consumption trends amongst the poor population; and produce a policy paper for Armenian Parliament, the Government, in particular the Ministry of Finance and Economy and Ministry of Health, as well as the State Committee of Poverty Reduction; mass media, and NGOs involved in health and poverty problems.

Working groups: Tobacco Economics Research and Advocacy

Relevant countries: Armenia