Flensburg/Kiev, Ukraine
1999 - 2003 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Senior Research Associate, European Center for Minority Issues, Flensburg, Germany
e-mail: protsyk@policy.hu
secondary e-mail: protsyk@ecmi.de
website: http://www.policy.hu/protsyk/

Fellow projects
2002 - 2003:
Political institutions and public policies in Ukraine and Russia: The effect of institutional choices on legislative decision-making
The objectives of the project are to analyze the policy implications of adopting a semi-presidential institutional framework in Ukraine and Russia, write a number of research papers on the effects of political institution structure on the character of legislative decision-making and the quality of legislative output in major policy areas, and write a policy paper for parliamentary committees responsible for institutional reform and legal development in the respective countries with recommendations for rationalizing the organization as well as the powers of legislative and executive institutions.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Policy Networks and Administrative Reform

Relevant countries: Ukraine, Russia

1999 - 2000: The politicization of Ukrainian bureaucracy
The objectives of the project are to examine the sources of politicization of public bureaucracy in Ukraine, assess alternative institutional mechanisms for coping with both formal and informal politicisation of civil service, and develop a policy paper in the field of public administration.

Working groups: Policy Networks and Administrative Reform

Relevant countries: Ukraine