Skopje, Macedonia
2005 - 2009 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Program Director at the Center for Regional Research and Cooperation, Skopje, Macedonia
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Fellow projects

2008 - 2009: Neda`s Recent Innitiatives
Participation in European Patients Rights Day 2008 (EUPRD 2008), on

April 18, 2008:
- Macedonian event:

Announced participation in EUPRD 2009:
- Macedonian event:

Relevant countries: Macedonia

2005 - 2006: Patients' rights as a policy issue in Southeast Europe

The objectives of the project are to analyze patients' rights policies and the level and quality of their implementation; develop policy recommendations promoting patients' rights for the Roma population as an enabler of development for the ministries of health, medical associations, parliaments, civil society and academic communities; and write a research paper and policy study for the Ministry of Health, Doctors' Chamber, Roma non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in the region.

Study: Patients' rights as a policy issue in South Eastern Europe

Working groups: Public Health Policy, Human Rights Policy, Roma Policy
Relevant countries: Macedonia