Ljubljana, Slovenia
2000 - 2001 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: This fellow's research and advocacy provided evidence for a Constitutional Court case leading to legal changes allowing Bosnian refugees in Slovenia permanent residency and the right to work.
e-mail: vrecer@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/vrecer/

Fellow project
2000 - 2001:
The human cost of temporary refugee protection: The case of Slovenia
The objective of the project is to analyze the consequences of temporary refugee protection on the everyday life of refugees in Slovenia; explore the efficacy of international refugee law as applicable for Slovenia from a humane perspective and provide recommendations for policy reform; encourage discussion among governmental, nongovernmental and international institutions that deal with forced migrants in Slovenia; and develop a policy paper in the field of law/human rights and minorities.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Migration Policy, Human Rights Policy

Relevant countries: Slovenia