Tbilisi, Georgia
2001 - 2004 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Founder of the Center for Social Partnership and co-founder of the Institute for Policy Studies in Georgia.
e-mail: sumbadze@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/sumbadze/

Fellow projects
2003 - 2004:
Establishment of the Center for Social Partnership
The objectives of the project are to work out the program for opening the Center for Social Partnership; provide the framework for cooperation between repatriates and the local population; work out means of conflict prevention between two parties; provide information and training for the cultural integration of repatriates; and write research and policy paper for the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia, Parliament of Georgia and COE Social Cohesion.

Working groups: Policy Networks and Administrative Reform, The Caucasus: Conflict Prevention

Relevant countries: Georgia

2001 - 2002: Repatriated Meskhetians, refugees and internally displaced persons: Social adaptation and empowerment
The project aims to study external and internal community reasons for the low level of integration and lack of economic opportunities for internally displaced persons and repatriated Meskhetians, devise recommendations to increase the integration of target groups into local communities and empower them to generate independent income, and develop a policy paper on how the findings impact the future stability of the Caucasus.

Working groups: The Caucasus: Conflict Prevention, Migration Policy, Human Rights Policy

Relevant countries: Georgia