Islamabad, Pakistan
2005 - 2006 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Executive Director with Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Fellow project
2005 - 2006: Lack of transparency and freedom of information in Pakistan
The objectives of the project are to conduct research into state practice in Pakistan related to existing mechanisms of secrecy and information disclosure; conduct interviews with officials and civic groups and analyze the nature and intensity of info access attributable to a non-transparent secretive system of governance; and write a research paper and policy study, including realistic policy recommendations for all the relevant stakeholders including government officials, legislators, judges and civic groups.

Study: Lack of Transparency and Freedom of Information in Pakistan: An Analysis of State Practice and Realistic Policy Options for Reform

Working groups: Anti-Corruption Policy, Information Policy, Policy Networks and Administrative Reform, Modernization, Globalization, and Islam, Media Policy

Relevant countries: Pakistan