Zagreb, Croatia
2002 - 2003 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Leading member of the Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb, Croatia

Fellow project
2002 - 2003:
Documenting the impact of community peacebuilding efforts in the post-Yugoslav region: Toward a peace-building policy framework
The goal of the project is to evaluate community-based peace-building practices in post-Yugoslav countries and regionally; validate and apply contextualized evaluation criteria on a minimum of 12 carefully selected grassroots projects (among which two-thirds are explicitly committed to peace-building, while the remaining third represent a control group of diverse community-development projects); identify patterns of successful practices applicable to the region within the present border areas of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia as well as the entire post-Yugoslav region; and write a research and policy paper for various stakeholders (the Croatian Parliament, the Section for the Stability Pact in SEE and the EU of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Croatian Ministry of Reconstruction, municipal authorities in the researched areas, the Stability Pact headquarters in Brussels, the European Commission, USAID and other donors and governmental institutions in the region).

Working groups:
Comparative Studies, Southeast Europe: Conflict Prevention, Human Rights Policy

Relevant countries: Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro