Pleven/Madison, Bulgaria
2003 - 2004 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Researcher, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Fellow project
2003 - 2004:
Roma and political representation of the ethnic minorities in Bulgaria
The objectives of the project are to evaluate the current status of Roma representation in Bulgarian political life; examine legal, institutional and political policies of the Bulgarian state and the ways in which they impact the political representation of the Roma minority; identify ways in which state policies have impeded the appearance of a viable and strong Roma political party and the promotion of more active Roma political participation at the individual level; and write a research and policy paper for the International Center for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations (IMIR) in Sofia, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, United Roma Union, Confederation of Roma "Europe", and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Working groups: Roma Policy, Human Rights Policy

Relevant countries: Bulgaria