Riga, Latvia
2002 - 2003 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Advisor to the Human Rights and Integrated Latvia faction of the Latvian Parliament on legal issues.
e-mail: raihman@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/raihman/

Fellow project
2002 - 2003:
Minority languages, media legislation and the integration of minorities: Lessons from the Latvian experience
The objective of the project is to research the interdependence of electronic media and ethnic integration; examine relevant international law and case law in this area; develop policy proposals on language rights and media based on comparative legal research of language regulations affecting electronic media in several countries with substantial linguistically distinct groups; and write a research and policy paper with recommendations for Latvian policy makers in the area of electronic media regulation.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Media Policy

Relevant countries: Latvia