Bratislava, Slovakia
2002 - 2005 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Deputy Director for Strategy and Program Development, Open Society Foundation, Bratislava.

Fellow projects
2004 - 2005:
The policymaking process in Slovakia: Implementing the recommendations
The purpose of the project is to upon the findings from the analysis of the policy making process in Slovakia conducted in the fellowship year 2002-03 and implement the recommendations; draft recommendations to the legislative process that would lead to the development of an amendment to the Legislative Rules; prepare a handbook for civil servants as well as a training handbook on the policy development stage; prepare a course on public policy for students at the Bratislava University; conduct a more in-depth analysis of the issues that were touched upon in the previous research and analysis.

Working groups: Policymaking in Transition, Policy Networks and Administrative Reform

Relevant countries:

2002 - 2003: The public policy process: Cultural change toward progressive policymaking
The objectives of the project are to analyze the existing organizational and institutional arrangements of progressive policymaking in western countries and compare it with practice in Slovakia and other Central European countries, analyze the relationship between the current status of policymaking culture and desired models of the public policy process, highlight the risks and opportunities in promoting and realizing such cultural change, assert how models can be transferred or new models of progressive policymaking can be developed, and write a research and policy paper on program strategies for the Soros foundation network in the field of public administration and policymaking in the accession countries.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Policy Networks and Administrative Reform

Relevant countries: Slovakia