Chisinau, Moldova
2003 - 2004 IPF Fellow

Consultant to UNICEF-Moldova

Fellow project
2003 - 2004:
Tobacco policy in Moldova and the role of civil society
The objectives of the project are to analyse the peculiarities of tobacco policymaking in Moldova with a focus on the sincerity of the government's declaration to control tobacco; identify the supporters and opponents of tobacco control policy and establish the role of foreign tobacco producers, particularly British-American Tobacco, in the formation of tobacco control policy and public opinion; prepare a set of materials on tobacco control for journalists, NGOs activists and parliamentarians; write a research paper and develop a guide in the field of anti-smoking advocacy for local journalists, youth and women NGOs; monitor publications about tobacco in the 18 leading newspapers of the country and maintain an anti-tobacco web site; and produce a policy paper for the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Public Health and Social Maintenance; Information Council of the Ministry of Health; National Center for Preventive Medicine; Youth and Sport Department of Moldova, and the Council of Youth Organizations of Moldova.

Working groups: Tobacco Economics Research and Advocacy, Public Health Policy

Relevant countries: Moldova