Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 - 2005 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Assistant Professor at the Department of Ethnology, Sofia University, Bulgaria

Fellow project
2004 - 2005:
Corruption scandals in Bulgaria: Public and personal involvement
The objectives of the project are to investigate the mechanism of corruption-related public scandals in Bulgaria and the way various social groups become involved; explain why some issues are more susceptible than others in attracting public attention and whether corruption scandals can provoke civic action; help bridge the gap between the impressive amount of publicly available data on corruption and the lack of resulting action; offer explanations as to why information about corruption practices often fails to impact confidence levels among politicians or institutions; devise suggestions for efficient policies; and write a research and policy paper for relevant think tanks such as the Center for Liberal Strategies, Coalition 2000 (a group of NGOs involved in public anti-corruption campaigning), and the Institute for Research on Integration.

Working groups: Anti-Corruption Policy

Relevant countries: Bulgaria