Madrid, Spain
2006 - 2007 IPF Fellow

Ibrahim Al-Marashi's media policy recommendations adopted in Iraq

In the course of his project on ethno-sectarian discourse in the Iraqi media, Ibrahim Al-Marashi conducted fieldwork in and around Baghdad and gained the respect of Iraqi parliamentarians and UN officials and Iraqi media officials charged with drafting a new Media Code for Iraq. The Code was drafted by Iraq's newly established information commission overseeing the country's information and media policy - the first such body in the Arab world. Recommendations from his policy study were incorporated into the Code and are available on his personal website.

Original affiliation: Post-Doctoral Fellow and lecturer, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of Communication History and Policy, IE University, Segovia/Madrid, Spain
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Fellow project
2006 - 2007: Ethno-sectarian discourse in the Iraqi media
The objectives of the project are to study the development of the Iraqi media since the 2003 Iraq War; analyze how various Kurdish, Sunni Arab and Shia Arab factions have developed their own media networks; examine how these various media networks portray and report on ethno-sectarian differences; and write policy study and research paper for the Iraqi National Commission on Media and Communication (NCMC), and the Iraqi Higher Media Commission.

Working groups: Open Society Promotion in Predominantly Muslim Societies

Relevant countries: Iraq