Islamabad, Pakistan
2006 - 2007 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Advisor on public policy, Support to Good Governance Project (UNDP), Islamabad, Pakistan

Fellow project
2006 - 2007:
Gender budgeting in Pakistan: Issues and policy interventions
The objectives of the project are to identify issues and problems lying at the interface of gender and fiscal management in Pakistan, suggest policy interventions to all levels of government (federal, provincial and local) so that the practice of gender-blind budgeting gradually gives way to gender sensitive budgeting; and write policy study and research paper for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (Finance and Economic Affairs Divisions), Federal Parliament, Provincial Finance Department, District Finance Department, District Assembly (Women members), Tehsil Administration (finance wing), and various international organizations including UNDP, the World Bank, etc.

Working groups: Open Society Promotion in Predominantly Muslim Societies

Relevant countries: Pakistan