Oradea, Romania
2002 - 2003 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Lecturer at the University of Partium, Oradea, Romania.
e-mail: szilagyi@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/szilagyi/

Fellow project
2002 - 2003:
Romanian-Hungarian-Ukrainian border area regional economic and social policies
The objectives of the project are to define and assess social marginality within the Ukrainian-Romanian-Hungarian border region; identify available resources for poverty reduction; elaborate a plan for the harmonization of legislative frameworks and economic, fiscal, social and employment policies within the region; write a research monograph and a policy paper with recommendations promoting cross-border cooperation initiatives in the field of European integration for concerned national governments (Romania, Hungary and Ukraine), local governments (Satu-Mare and Bihor counties in Romania, Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg and Hajdu-Bihar counties in Hungary, and Zakarpapska region in Ukraine) and international agencies such as the European Commission, the Committee of Regions of the Council of Europe, and the Council of the Carpathian Euroregion.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Policy Networks and Administrative Reform, Cross-Border Cooperation Outside European Union, Regional Development Policy, Economic Development and Microfinance Policy

Relevant countries: Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine