Islamabad, Pakistan
2003 - 2004 IPF Fellow

The Consulting Researchers (TCR), Islamabad, Pakistan
Affiliation: Executive Director of TCR, a consulting firm including a pool of experts on Politics, Gender, Governance, Advocacy, Communication, Children's Rights, Empowerment and Economics available for a range of assignments. TCR undertakes political analysis, briefing papers for parliamentarians, programme development for social sector projects/programmes, M&E, Reviews, etc.
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Fellow project
2003 - 2004:
"Critical Mass Representation of Women" policy in local governments in Pakistan: Impact analysis and future policy imperatives
The objectives of the project are to study the impact of introducing 33 percent women in local government as it relates to elected women's social, economic and political empowerment, presence in the mainstream politics, role and representation in internal political party hierarchy, and impact on policies affecting women; identify best practices, gaps and requirements of the system for policymakers at the national level as well as the international community to replicate this political reform policy; and write a research and policy paper for the National Reconstruction Bureau, Ministry of Local Government, Economic Affairs Division, Ministry of Women Development, Planning Ministry, and bilateral and multilateral donor agencies.

Working groups: Policy Networks and Administrative Reform, Modernization, Globalization, and Islam, Gender Policy

Relevant countries: Pakistan