Budapest, Hungary
2004 - 2005 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Trainer and project leader, Tiny Chestnuts European Youth Project, Budapest, Hungary

Fellow project
2004 - 2005:
Equity for Romani students and multicultural diversity in education
The objectives of this project are to analyze the legal system and education policies for ensuring equity for Romani students and multicultural diversity in Hungarian education; examine the content of education programs and the national, local and ethnic curricula in light of integration and anti-discrimination criteria; examine and analyze selective mechanisms of public education and assess to what degree special policies and funds promote the realization of integration and antidiscrimination; and write a research and policy paper for the Hungarian Ministry of Education, European Roma Rights Center, Maholnap Foundation, and Autonomia Foundation.

Working groups: Roma Policy, Children's Services Policy, Human Rights Policy, Primary and Secondary Education Policy

Relevant countries: Hungary