Budapest, Hungary
2005 - 2006 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Monitoring Expert at Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture; International Expert and Trainer at the International Step by Step Association, Budapest, Hungary

Fellow project
2005 - 2006: Roma access to health care and improved medical school curricula in Hungary
The objectives of the project to provide an overview and analysis of medical school curricula in Hungary for revision and possible improvements in the interest of preparing health care personnel for more effective communication and cooperation with Roma patients to ensure better Roma access to quality health care services and increase the life expectancy of the Roma population; and write a research paper and policy study with recommendations for the Ministry of Youth, Social and Family Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the National Institute of Public Health, the Hungarian Office of the Wold Health Institution, the National Institute for Strategic Health Research and the National Chamber of Doctors.

Study: Improving medical school curricula and Roma access to health care in Hungary

Working groups: Public Health Policy, Public Health and Roma, Roma Policy, Equal Opportunities

Relevant countries: Hungary