Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 - 2001 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Program Director at the center for Liberal Stategies in Bulgaria

Fellow project
2000 - 2001:
Financial accountability of political elites: Party funding in Southeast Europe
The goals of the project are to research current party funding and campaign finance practices in five Balkan countries with an emphasis on legal regulation and 'visible' practice; propose hypotheses about the nature of 'hidden' practice in this area; develop a regional comparative analysis and strategies for reform in light of western democratic experience; analyze possibilities for the international community and non-governmental organizations to exercise pressure for reform; promote the formation of a team of experts focusing on researching and reforming local party funding regimes; and develop a policy paper on how the findings impact the future stability of Southeast Europe.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Southeast Europe: Conflict Prevention, Anti-Corruption Policy

Relevant countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria