Cluj, Romania
2005 - 2006 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Executive Director, Pro Vobis National Volunteer Center, Cluj, Romania

Fellow project
2005 - 2006: Corporate social responsibility in Romanian higher education
The objectives of the project are to explore business elites' degree of exposure to socially responsible practices in the current higher education curricula of Romanian universities; devise recommendations for the Ministry of Education, universities offering business and economics majors, and the business community in Romania promoting the role of higher education in developing the future socially responsible elites; and to write a research paper and policy study with recommendations for the Ministry of Education in Romania, the universities in four main cities (Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara) and the business sector in the country.

Study: Corporate Social Responsibility in Romanian higher education

Working groups: Higher Education Policy

Relevant countries: Romania