Bucharest, Romania
2003 - 2004 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Policy Reform Specialist, Development Alternatives/GRASP, Governance Reform and Sustainable Partnerships, Bucharest, Romania
e-mail: bischoff@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/bischoff/

Fellow project
2003 - 2004:
Regional development policymaking in Southeast Europe: From strategy exhaustion to participation
The objectives of the project are to promote demand-driven versus supply driven regional development policymaking in Romania; conduct a case study by assessing the policymaking processes in the Jiu Valley---a depressed region of Romania exemplifying the application of a supply-driven perspective; identify best practices in regional development in Southeast Europe with a special focus on regional development programs with the participation of diverse stakeholders interested in the development of the region such as those in the Sibenik-knin and Zadar counties in Croatia; develop policy recommendations for various stakeholders interested in the development of the Jiu Valley region; and write a research and policy paper for policymakers in the Jiu Valley including the local government and the Association of Valea Jiului, international organizations active in the Jiu Valley such as the European Union Delegation, the World Bank and the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom, and local NGOs interested in the development of the valley.

Working groups: Comparative Studies, Policy Networks and Administrative Reform, Land Reform and Rural Policy, Regional Development Policy, Economic Development and Microfinance Policy

Relevant countries: Romania