Edinburgh/Tomsk, Russia
1999 - 2001 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Head of Research in Siberian indigenous languages and cultures
e-mail: filtchenko@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/filtchenko

Fellow projects
2000 - 2001:
Siberian indigenous language and culture preservation - Awareness campaign

The project seeks to help preserve the ethnic cultural variety of western Siberia by providing information to the media, researchers and activists on Siberian minority issues; initiate an awareness campaign on issues of Siberian indigenous peoples, facilitate the distribution of information about relevant network programs and potential network partners in the field; devise strategy proposals for potential pilot NGO projects to encourage grassroots advocacy; promote the establishment of an online atlas of indigenous people of Siberia; and develop a policy paper in the field of culture and minorities.

Working groups: Equal Opportunities

Relevant countries: Russia

1999 - 2000: Siberian indigenous language and culture preservation
The objectives of the project are to develop a policy paper in the fields of minority issues, culture and electronic communications; conduct research on the socio-cultural and linguistic prerequisites for preserving and revitalizing the Khanty language in the Tomsk region of Russia and write a teaching manual on the Khanty language; initiate a multimedia atlas on indigenous peoples of Siberia; and provide recommendations for restoring the language and culture of indigenous peoples.

Working groups: Equal Opportunities, Cultural Policy

Relevant countries: Russia