Kiev, Ukraine
2004 - 2005 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Economics analyst, Ukraine Agribusiness and Corporate Development Project.

Fellow project
2004 - 2005:
Developing a land market and land policy in Ukraine
The objectives of the project are to undertake independent research on the progress and future perspectives of land reform in Ukraine, with a special focus on the issues of land relations and land market development in agriculture; conduct a retrospective analysis of land reform development in Ukraine starting from 1991; undertake an analysis of legal and normative underpinnings regulating land relations; define the social and economic benefits of the introduction of land reforms in Ukraine; and write a research and policy paper for Ukrainian policymaking institutions such as the Ukraine Land Resources Committee and Ministry of Agriculture, as well as research organizations and non-governmental organizations such as the Institute of Law and Agrarian Economics of the National Academy of Science, and the Ukrainian Association of Landowners and Land Users.

Working groups: Land Reform and Rural Policy

Relevant countries: Ukraine