Riga, Latvia
2002 - 2003 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Executive Director of the Public Policy Institute; and advisor to the government on reproductive health policy, Riga, Latvia
e-mail: putnina@policy.hu
website: http://www.policy.hu/putnina/

Fellow project
2002 - 2003:
Reproductive health policy in Latvia
The objectives of the project are to explore public health policy and the delivery of health services, focusing on best practices in policymaking and advocacy in the area of reproductive health policy; evaluate and distribute public health reform strategies to relevant central and local health authorities, professional and lay persons; elaborate recommendations for training necessary to empower participants and strengthen public involvement; and write a research and policy paper for the Institute for Public Policy and municipal and governmental agencies engaged in public health issues.

Working groups: Public Health Policy, Gender Policy

Relevant countries: Latvia